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Perrin Introduces New PowerCube Slim

One of Two Ultra-High-Capacity APUs Designed Exclusively for Independent Operators. At only 19.5 inches wide, the new PowerCube Slim fits industry-leading HVAC capacity ...

An Expediter and his AirTabs

I had the rare opportunity to get my Sprinter into the wind tunnel at a local college to observe what happens before ...

Onspot of North America, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years

All of us at Onspot of North America, Inc. want to take this opportunity to thank all our OEMS, Dealers, National Account customers and End ... Full story

Wheelhouse Guards

Wheelhouse Guards provide a protective shield for the wheelhouse ... Full story

Ranger Super Extended Lock Guard

SGM Enterprises LLC announces Ranger® Lock’s ... Full story

Ranger Deadbolt’s Crossbar

SGM Enterprises LLC announced its newly patented Crossbar, part of the Ranger Deadbolt family providing innovative no-shackle locks for trailers, containers, and warehouse doors.   Fully portable ... Full story

Tire and Battery Monitor

A new tire and battery monitoring technology will be available on International Truck and Engine Corporation’s 8600 model, used primarily by regional haul fleets. A high-resolution, ... Full story

Lexidine Black Box

Lexidine says its in-cab digital streaming video recording device, the Black Box, incorporates a digital signal processor and an “accutrac” three-axis acceleration sensor. The device’s ... Full story

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