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Business Planning for Expediters Part 12

In part 11 of this Business Planning for Successful Expediters series, we noted that, unlike corporations, sole proprietors have unlimited liability; and ...

Million Dollar Mindset

Having reviewed the numbers of our five years in expediting, it is as clear to me as the sun in the sky ...

How to Boost your MPG for Free

By rethinking our habits and changing our behavior, we improved those numbers. The best part is the improvements we gained were free. We did not purchase a new fuel-saving device, start using a fuel additive, change our maintenance practices or spend money on any of the dubious fuel economy enhancers that are widely pitched when fuel prices rise. Read the entire article to discover the changes we made that helped boost our mpg for free. ... Full story

Trim Those Expenses

Becoming a successful expedited owner-operator isn't as simple as buying a truck and heading out on the open road to meet your financial goals. To be a successful owner-operator, you've got to think the way a successful owner-operator thinks. ... Full story

Business Planning for Expediters Part 9

Continuing with this series, Part 9 discusses the various ways to structure your business for legal and tax purposes. We will provide brief introductions to each business form so you get an idea of what they are all about. ... Full story

Trying to Predict the Next “Push”

First, the sub-prime mortgage meltdown has put financial strain on North America. There are many articles written on this subject that can partially explain the slowness in freight. But this is a business-cycle issue. Eventually it will be corrected. ... Full story

Business Planning For Expediters Part 8

If you have been following this series, part three got you thinking about how to build a business description out of what you say about your business in casual conversation. We are now ready to put your words into formal business planning language. ... Full story

Business Planning For Expediters Part 7

By making up your mind to have a written business plan and proceeding this far, you are making sure that you and you alone run your business; not your banker, truck dealer, carrier, accountant, creditors, friends, family or anyone else. Your business is exactly that — your business. With a good business plan in hand, you set the goals, you call the shots. ... Full story

Business Planning For Expediters Part 6

If you have been running an expediting business without a budget and have also been following this series to improve your results, this is a moment of truth. There is no way to have a good business plan without a budget. ... Full story

Business Planning For Expediters Part 5

Our suggested outline uses business planning language. It is the kind of language a banker expects to see in a business plan. ... Full story

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