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Business Planning for Expediters Part 15

It may surprise some grizzled veterans of the road to know that white-collar people are as weak-kneed about pre-trip inspections, changing a ...

The Insurance Zone 6.2

Question from Brian G in Tampa, FL: I have seriously been considering moving on from the company I’m leased on to and ...

How to Find a Good Fleet Owner

Expediter truck fleet owners are people who own a number of trucks and contract with drivers. In general, the owner purchases and maintains the truck, the drivers run the truck and the revenue earned by transporting expedited freight is split according to the contract they have. Some fleet owners own just a few trucks, others own dozens. ... Full story

Business Planning for Expediters Part 14

Most bankers don't have a clue about what it is like to drive a truck and work and live on the road. Some of them would be scared half to death if they found themselves sitting among truckers in the TV lounge of a truck stop. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone 6.1

The economy and the effects to the trucking industry are directly impacting all parts of our expediting community. This is not "News" to anyone in the business, but a bit of good advice can help you navigate through the storm. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone 5.6

Joe McCoy in SC emailed "How do I know my truck is covered for what it's worth in a loss... is that Physical Damage?" ... Full story

Business Planning for Expediters Part 13

This Business Planning for Successful Expediters series is following a business plan outline we introduced in part five. We will talk now about the Business Owners/Managers section, the sixth item in the outline. ... Full story

Common Sense Expediter

Joe Manley and his wife Terry recently visited the Expedite Now offices to discuss plans he has for PROFESSIONAL EXPEDITER SERVICES, LLC a company he started out of his Perrysburg Ohio offices. ... Full story

Business Planning For Expediters Part 11

Soon after entering the business, if not before, many expediters wonder if they should incorporate. Parts nine and 10 of this series discussed the various ways expediters can legally set up their businesses. While it may well be that you should establish a corporation or LLC at some point in your career, most expediters are sole proprietors. This part addresses business-form issues from the sole-proprietor's point of view. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone 5.5

John M. from New Castle, PA writes: "Look, I don’t normally use my Sprinter with passengers, but sometimes I do. What if I want to take my Grandson fishing? Do I have passenger coverage on my Expediting Insurance Policy? ... Full story

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