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The Insurance Zone - Understand your primary commercial auto liability

It's recently come to my attention that there could be some confusion regarding Owner Operators and Motor Carriers regarding insurance and how ...

The Insurance Zone - Plan to Succeed

The key to success in any business may not be simple but there are a few things on which most successful business ...

The Insurance Zone - CSA 2010

This is important to you because it's a game-changer in how FMCSA regulates both Motor Carriers & Owner Operators. Starting July 1st, it will affect everyone with a CSL and/or a unit over 10,001 GVW. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Loss of Use

Too many Expediters and Truckers get the short end of the deal when they’re in a not-at-fault accident. Let’s say you’ve been hit by a car causing damage to your unit & thankfully everyone is ok… but ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Looking Ahead

The recession has been difficult for everyone. Staying profitable is the key to survival and true success in Expediting obviously takes hard work, but it also takes REAL planning. ... Full story

Expedited Freight Volumes Suddenly Rise

While economic optimists proclaim the recession is over and pessimists warn of more trouble ahead, expedited freight executives are sounding more cheery than they have in a long time... cautious optimism is their common theme. ... Full story

Business Planning for Expediters Part 17

By reading your business plan up to this point, people will know you are in the expediting business. In the business type section, you spell out exactly the type of expediting business you are running, and you present it in the best possible light. ... Full story

Business Planning for Expediters Part 16

Remember that writing a business plan is like putting together a puzzle. You work it one piece at a time, and you don't have to start at the top of the list. We are following the outline in order because we can only write about one thing at a time; doing this step-by-step makes it easy for readers to follow.<br/> ... Full story

The Insurance Zone 6.3

Question from Bill C. in Toledo, Ohio: Shelly, I'm in a rut... it seems like there aren't any runs out there. I feel like my business is slipping away. Do you have any advice? ... Full story

If You Want to be an Expediter, Preparation is the Key

Seasoned expediters have never seen business conditions this bad. A number of expedite carriers have been forced out of business. Make no mistake, it's rough out there and your competitors are playing for keeps. ... Full story

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