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Do You Sit or Do You Move? Try This Decision Aid

You deliver a load on Friday afternoon in a slow freight area. If you stay put and wait for freight, it is ...

Our truck speaks volumes about our business…

What does our truck say about our business? When a customer watches us pull on to their property, do they unconsciously ...

The Insurance Zone - How is your relationship?

You know, the relationship between you and your Expediting Motor Carrier. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Network... Network... Network

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I want to emphasize how important it is to get out there and meet and befriend other Owner ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Occ/Acc

Why do I need Occupational Accident? …You don’t…unless your Motor Carrier you’re leased on to or the state you’re in requires you to carry it…But ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Owner Operator's Primary Liability vs Non-Truck Liability?

I thought I’d take a minute to make sure everyone understands what their Expediting Liability Insurance pays...and doesn’t pay. So you’re driving along and you hit someone or something... who gets the bill? ... Full story

2011 Starts Strong!

Sylectus released their Syleconomics report for January 2011 with much of the results we expected. After watching 2010 grow into one of the best years for trucking on record, and many of the predictions Sylectus made for 2010 coming true, are we facing an even better year in 2011? ... Full story

Expediters Look Ahead to 2011

If 2010 economic conditions continue into 2011, expediters can expect another great year. But if economic growth and freight volumes pick up even a little... ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Your Smart Phone is your friend AFTER an Accident

It’s fair to say that the police don’t always arrive in a timely manner to the scene of an accident, so what should you do in the meantime? ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - New Insurance Forms Change how MC and OO's Operate

Motor Carriers and Owner Operators now have more opportunities to haul more loads. How?<br/> <br/> Bear with me for a minute... ... Full story

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