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How To Move Your Business Ahead by Leaving Your Self Behind

You are a self-employed expediter. When something bad happens, does it happen to you, your business or both? ...

Business Planning for Expediters Part 10

In part nine of this Business Planning for Successful Expediters series, we talked about a decision every self-employed expediter must make. You ...

The Insurance Zone - Success vs. Failure

Why do some Owner Operators “do better” than others? ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - What Exactly is 'Comp'?

The term “Comp & Collision” is tossed around a lot in insurance. Most everyone understands that “Collision” means your vehicle collided with another or flipped, but what exactly IS “Comp”? ... Full story

Sylectus: An Unseen Force in the Expediting Industry

The Sylectus network enables small carriers to offer their customers the same national and international reach, and almost all of the same services that the largest expedite carriers do. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone – Difference between Owner Operator Insurance plans

When an Owner Operator leases on, or contracts to, a Motor Carrier, he needs to provide proof of Liability to the Motor Carrier. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - How your Insurance Agent should be your Advocate

If you cause an accident, and your unit is “Down” and you can’t work, then your Insurance Company will pay you “X” amount of dollars while your vehicle is “in the shop”. But what if someone hits YOU? ... Full story

The Effervescent Joy of Expedite CEO's

Why are those men and women so happy? What explains the loud, enthusiastic and joyous tone that filled the reception rooms in which these competitors met? Expedite NOW interviewed a number of these people by telephone and e-mail to find out. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Why attend Trade Shows?

In this age of emails, twitters and websites, a fair question may be “Why should I still attend trade shows?” ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Value for Your Dollar in 2012

The economy does seem to drag along, doesn’t it? Sometimes it can feel like it’s just never going to lift up and take off again. I’m eternally optimistic that it will…eventually. ... Full story

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