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Starting or Growing your Expedite Business

Can you start your expedited trucking career in today's business climate? Tighter credit standards and a sluggish economy are creating new challenges ...

July 2013 Syleconomics - Strongest July on record

The July 2013 business figures showing stability in freight volumes, but continued rate weakness. ...

The Insurance Zone - What an Owner Operator should ask when buying insurance

One would assume that as long as your Commercial Auto Liability Policy says “Primary”, your insurance company would immediately step up to the plate to pay for your accident. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. ... Full story

Rates Versus Operating Costs

Many years ago at the birth of expediting, this would be a topic seldom discussed. Compared to other forms of trucking, expediting was commanding some of the highest rates in the industry. Even today, it still has some of the highest rates available to the owner operator. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Work with who you trust

Work with who you trust…you’ll hear that a lot this year. Stu Sutton with Sylectus recently introduced the term as a reminder to Motor Carriers to selectively choose with whom they share freight. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Do you have an extra $1 Million in the Bank?

There’s been much buzz on E.O. over the pros and cons of the “Multis” vs the “Traditional” Owner Operator Expediting structure. ... Full story

Syleconomics - March 2013 business figures showing some weakness in the industry

March 2013 vs. March 2012 had two fewer (10%) business days due to both Easter falling in March this year and how March weekends fell, so the 9% decrease in trip count can be explained due to the fewer business days. ... Full story

January 2013 Syleconomics - business had a nice rebound ...

For past issues of Syleconomics go to www.sylectus.com and see the “Hot News” section. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Don't forget to get paid for 'Loss of Use'

What happens when you get hit by an at-fault driver or other trucking company? ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Work Accident or Occupational Accident?

This is a question of frequent confusion. Some people know this insurance coverage as “Occ Acc”, and others, especially Fed Ex Owner Ops, know it as “Work Accident”. ... Full story

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