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The Insurance Zone - Inside or Outside Claims Adjusters

Talk about a bad day. You’ve had a long run and some idiot just cut you off and in order to avoid ...

Q&A: TA/Petro

ExpediteNow Magazine spends some time with Tom Liutkus, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for TA/Petro. ...

The Insurance Zone - General Liability vs Auto Liability

For a full commentary surrounding the current confusion on this subject please go to: expeditersonline.com/trucking-blogs/risky-business ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Why Are Insurance Rates So Different For Tom And Jerry?

That’s the question I hear weekly and struggle with because I often can’t explain why Tom in TX pays Four Grand while Jerry in TX pays Ten Grand. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Example of Denied 'Day-Trader' Claim

An insurance provider has declined coverage for a claim by a 'Day-Trader' Owner Operator. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Transportation Risk Specialists and YOU

Whether you’re a Motor Carrier or Owner Op, expect a professional TRS Insurance Agent to know what coverage you are required to carry by all of the major Expedite entities. ... Full story

Seven Success Strategies for Expedite Owner-Operators

Perhaps you’re in expediting to call your own shots. Or, you always wanted the freedom to travel the country. Or, you dreamed of teaming up with your spouse to enjoy a meaningful second career together after the kids had grown. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Questions for Owner Operators to Ask at Expedite Expo

Ever wanted a cheat sheet on exactly WHAT questions you should ask a prospective Motor Carrier before making the important decision to join their team? ... Full story

Expediter Beware: What You Should Know Before Signing an Owner-Operator Lease Agreement

When it comes to signing an owner-operator lease agreement with a trucking carrier, ignorance is NOT bliss. Any unpleasant surprises -- whether with payment terms, chargebacks, or other aspects of the contract -- could disrupt your cash flow and drive you out of business. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - The Uberization of Expedited Freight

There’s much in the news these days about the possible 'Uberization' of Trucking. For anyone not in the loop, 'Uber' is a company that started a smart phone app where anyone just about anywhere can text for the equivalent of a taxi ride by an Independent Contractor 'Uber Driver'. ... Full story

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