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Changing Lanes: OTR to Expedite

<font face=Tahoma size=2>"I think everyone should drive over-the-road for a big company at some time and find out what it's like being ...

Business Planning For Expediters Part 4

A banker probably has no idea how good it can feel to have lots of chrome on the truck. He or she ...

Business Planning For Expediters Part 3

A written business description is a component of a business plan. Your business description tells the key people in your business life what you want them to know. ... Full story

Business Planning for Expediters Part 2

Because a business plan is a written document, it forces you to state your goals in writing and in words that make sense to your advisors and peers. ... Full story

Protect Your Assests

If you're an expediting owner-operator, one of the wisest purchases you can make for yourself and your family is workers' compensation (WC) or especially, Occupational Accident Insurance. ... Full story

Business Planning For Expediters Part 1

People who take a business planning approach to their insurance get better rates than those who jump from one company to the next, hoping to save money. That's because business planners make better choices. ... Full story

Living in a Wireless World

Within just a few short years, Flying J has become one of the "first-choice" truck stops for Wireless Internet Access. The chain says that its "hot-spot" customers shoud receive a good signal within its' plaza building as well as over the entire parking area. ... Full story

The Owner-Operator's Best Friend

The owner-operator needs to know how much money he has collected for a particular period in time and how much money he has paid out for that same period of time. ... Full story

e-Expediting on the World Wide Web

The professional driver can now access the Internet from the comfort of his own cab if parks near a hotspot — an area where the signal is available. Like a radio station, the signal loses strength as you travel away from the hotspot. ... Full story

Pay Now or Pay Later

The United States loses at least $65 billion to $130 billion every year because of the poorer health and earlier death experienced by the 45.8 million Americans without health insurance. ... Full story

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