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The Insurance Zone: THE TRUMP BUMP Means Big Bucks for Truckers

Who can really trust a poll for exact numbers anymore, but suffice to say that most of us in trucking tend to ...

How Expediters Can Put ‘Profit First’ to Secure Their Financial Future

You’re working long hours, running a lot of miles, and generating a lot of revenue. But it never fails. No matter how ...

The Insurance Zone - Rules of the Road

A Practical Guide to Legal Issues in Truck Transportation ... Full story

Nikola Motor Company Innovation Gives Thompson New Opportunity

In February of this year, Caterpillar announced its departure from the on-highway vocational truck market as part of the company's ongoing restructuring to align its businesses with existing conditions. Thus, many CAT dealers like Thompson Machinery who had invested heavily in capital assets and had many talented employees to service the on-highway truck market found themselves searching for new ideas to serve their customers. ... Full story

7 Lessons for Overcoming Obstacles to Your Success in Expediting

You're blindsided with news that your carrier is getting out of the business, and now you're scrambling to find another company before you burn through cash reserves. Or, you've added a new $180,000 expediter truck to your fleet, but it's parked, not earning any income, because freight has slowed down. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Why I'm a Multi

Last month’s article and blog generated feedback from Multis who are 'doing it right.' I agree emphatically that the Multi model CAN be done correctly but has been bruised by some bad apples. ... Full story

Cargo Van, Straight Truck, Tractor: Which is Best for Your Expedited Trucking Business?

If you’re looking to become an expedite owner-operator, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is the vehicle you’ll drive. That’s because your vehicle -- whether it’s a cargo van, straight truck, or tractor-trailer -- determines which trucking carriers you can sign with, what size and types of loads you can take on, and ultimately how much money you’ll be able to make (and keep). ... Full story

V3 Transportation Marks Move Into New Headquarters & Focuses On The Future

The Open House event held by V3 Transportation on August 5, 2016 was more than a celebration to mark the move into the company’s new headquarters located in Seville, Ohio. The event, which included elected officials and community leaders from the local area, served as the latest milestone in the rapid growth of an expedited carrier that began its operations in the first quarter of 2013 with two laptops and two cell phones. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone: Why do under 10K GVW units carry $1 Million Liability?

Arguments are certainly made that since FMCSA only requires Cargo Vans and Sprinters hauling across state lines to carry $300K in Liability, why carry $1 Million? ... Full story

Owner Operator or Fleet Driver: Which is Right for You?

If you’re considering expedited trucking, perhaps you’re looking to find an interesting 'post-retirement' career, start a venture that you can do with your spouse, or travel the country while getting paid to do it. Whatever your goal, you’re likely asking the question - should I become an owner-operator or start as a driver employed by a fleet owner? ... Full story

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