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Things To Consider When Buying A Truck

Actually, there are probably a hundred things or more to keep in mind when purchasing a truck, but the following are some ...

Easy Money

Expedite trucks comprise a unique segment of the North American trucking industry. ...

An Expediter Truck - Your Way

If you're planning on leasing your new truck with the established expedited carriers, many of the equipment decisions have already been made by the companies' vehicle requirements, and you're probably familiar with their restrictions. ... Full story

The Sprinter: Four Years Down The Road

The long wheelbase, tall-roof version (what has become the expediters' Sprinter model of choice - the SHC 2500) was impressive in it's interior roominess (473 cubic feet) and stand-up height. ... Full story

Expediting Truck Evolution

He remembers the early days of the industry and the equipment of the time: "The popular expediting truck makes of those days of the early '80's included Fords LN7000's, UD's and a name that's not too familiar today - Magirus." ... Full story

Building a winning fleet

The road to success (whatever your definition of success might be) in expediting is a simple one:  Own one truck and operate it profitably or own a number of trucks and do the same thing many times over. ... Full story

8 Cliches About Expediting

Expediting has it's own set of cliches and truisms that all of us will resort to when asked about the business by a prospective driver.  Just because they've been used a thousand times before doesn't make them any less true. ... Full story

A Day In The Life of Dispatch

Too often, when an expediter is running down the road<span>  </span>with some hot freight in the back and he's facing inclement weather, snarled traffic and a host of other delays, he's not likely to be thinking about the other people who are involved in the supply chain – people like the dispatchers. ... Full story

Expediter Power!

If an expediting owner-operator's wants and wishes about his truck could be condensed to a few lines, it might read something like this: ... Full story

Big Comfort in a Cargo Van

Expediting cargo van owners have, by necessity, been innovators and inventors when it comes to outfitting their trucks. ... Full story

Eyes on the road: Highway Watch

I grew suspicious when they didn’t seem to know much about driving trucks. ... Full story

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