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Truck Tires - Are You Confused Yet?

How do you read a tire sidewall and what does it mean? Of course all manufacturers are going to put their name ...

Lights Out! Nine Wiring Hazards and How to Avoid Them

You don’t have to behind the wheel to long to realize that truck wiring is one of the most critical items on ...

What's it Worth to You? How to Get the Most out of Selling Your Truck

Every now and again, the time comes when you have to sell your van and/or truck. But how much will someone pay you for it--and how do you maximize the cash you can get for your sale? ... Full story

It's Not a Van, It's a Tank

Lima, Ohio's Bert Lambert has been expediting for quite some time, so it's no surprise that he's driven many, many miles over the years. His relationship with one particular van, however, is a bit special... ... Full story

Light Van Guide

Looking for new trucks in the coming year? Want to know what's new in the major 2010 models? Expedite Now has your back. ... Full story

Expediter Uses Solar Power to Eliminate Idling

The system begins with two solar panels mounted on the roof. The panels convert solar energy (sunlight) into electric current. Wires carry the current to a controller. The controller is also wired to three deep-cycle "house" batteries. All electronic items in the sleeper (lights, microwave, fans, computer, etc.) are wired to and powered by the house batteries. ... Full story

Glen Rice's Trucks of the Future

With fuel prices high and going higher, truck owners and designers are rethinking truck specs with improved fuel economy in mind. Among them is Glen Rice, whose forward-looking sketches are pictured on these pages. ... Full story

Take the Guesswork Out of Oil

The need for lubrication is basic. Every owner operator worth his salt takes care to protect his livelihood with frequent oil drains. But new oils come out often, making it difficult to keep pace with oil technology. Is it enough to maintain regular oil drain intervals without considering the characteristics of new oils? ... Full story

DPF's and You

While no jurisdiction has made filters mandatory, the increasingly stringent emissions regulations that engine manufactures must meet mean that eventually all on-road diesel engines will be fitted with them. The American 2007 heavy truck engine emissions regulations cannot be met without filters. ... Full story

Be Aware Of ULSD Issues

To help protect yourself this winter, do your homework. Talk to cold-flow fuel additive suppliers about whether their additive is optimized for ULSD in the areas where you regularly run. Buy winter-blended fuel when appropriate. If you run in the northern states, consider adding fuel-heating equipment to your trucks. ... Full story

Speedco Supertruck Hits the Road!

The most radical expediter truck ever is now on tour and coming to a location near you! This rolling work of art, constructed by the Chrome Shop Mafia from television's "Trick My Truck" program, will be on display at Speedco locations and expedited carrier driver appreciation events through July 19. The tour is sponsored by Bolt Express. ... Full story


Our fleet is composed of very astute independent business people, and we treat them with a great deal of respect. Today's owner-operators are much more sophisticated and technically aware - they have to be with satellite equipment, laptops, GPS, etc. ... Full story

Evolution of an Expedited Truck

The sleeper is now a full-condo style - 96” X 102” - and the cab's roof has been opened up from the windshield on back.</font> ... Full story

Expedite Trucking with Style

"When I was thirteen, my dad taught me to drive trailer-truck in the middle of the night. Back then, it was a little bit easier; he put me in the seat and said, 'There it is, now get to drivin’</font> ... Full story

One-stop For No-idle Solutions

The ever-changing ours of service regulations now require drivers to spend longer periods in their cabs and sleepers, and they cannot be expected to freeze or bake just because some people want them to shut off their engines to reduce pollution and save fuel. ... Full story

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