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The Decisions Involved With Building A Custom Expedite Truck

If you're an expedite owner-operator--or in the process of becoming one--your decisions on how you build your truck directly impact your productivity ...

Selecting a Used Expediter Truck

A good, reliable, used expediter truck could save an owner-operator as much as half the cost (or more) of a comparable new ...

Comfort for the Road

The Latest in Custom Sleepers for Expediters ... Full story

What You Should Know Before Purchasing an Expedite Straight Truck

As an expedite owner-operator, your truck is a tool to make money. But you also need it to perform in a way that keeps costs under control. Otherwise, poor fuel economy, high maintenance costs, or unplanned downtime will take a chunk out of your income and put your future as an owner-operator at risk. ... Full story

Fuel Mileage Tips

Questions often arise about our fuel mileage, so we composed a list of things we have done (or plan to do) to increase our fuel mileage. ... Full story

Testing Your Engine's Lifeblood

Today's diesel engines have longer factory-recommended oil drain intervals than ever before, and now it's more essential for the truck owner to know the condition of his oil and what's happening inside the motor. ... Full story

Incandescent or LED?

The incandescent lamp is still the most common light source for all lighting on a vehicle. Thinking back, I believe I spent about 60% of my time replacing lamps and lights that had failed. ... Full story

Cargo Vans for 2013

As cargo van sized expedite loads expand, so will the manufacturers add styles and engine choices to meet the demand. The field so far is fairly even, depending on what the buyer is looking for. ... Full story

Operating Costs From a Cargo Van Owner Operator

So what does it cost to operate a Cargo Van hauling expedited freight? Greg G. aka Moot shared his most recent update for February 2013. ... Full story

APU heating and cooling the cab

We spend a lot of time out here on the road, not always driving. When we are stopped waiting for that next great run we need to be comfortable... ... Full story

Winter Cab Comfort

With fuel at over $4.00 a gallon on average, anti idling laws becoming more prevalent, and government mandated fuel mileages on the horizon, the smart owner operator, fleet owner, or carrier is looking to cover all of the bases... ... Full story

Truck Tires Grow Scarce While Prices Soar... What You Can Do

Exasperated by his inability to find new tires for his truck, owner-operator Joe Marra reached out to the ExpeditersOnline.com community in September. ... Full story

Tire Maintenance

Tire maintenance? What's that? Just a walk by and, yup they are still black, or are they still there? Or maybe take that mini bat and give them a good whack? That is how some drivers do it, but for a truck owner, tires are a very important part of keeping your truck in service and a large expense. ... Full story

Bolt Custom Trucks

Many expediters were shocked when Bentz Transport Products, a popular supplier of aftermarket truck sleepers, fell victim to the Great Recession and closed its doors in August, 2009. Saddened customers wondered what, if anything, would happen with the unique Bentz integrated sleeper products. ... Full story

Nissan Introduces Commercial Van

After three years in design and pre-production, Nissan unveiled the NV, its first commercial vehicle for North America, on February 7, 2011. ... Full story

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