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Operating Costs From a Cargo Van Owner Operator

Operating Costs From a Cargo Van Owner Operator

So what does it cost to operate a Cargo Van hauling expedited freight? Greg G. aka Moot shared his most recent update for February 2013.

Listed below are the costs for maintaining a 2004 Chevrolet 3500, long  wheelbase 6.0 V-8 slop bucket, for the first 650,000 miles as it came  from the factory.  The costs do not include the installation or  maintenance of extras such as a bed, insulation, flooring, radios, house  batteries etc.  It also does not include any towing fees.

Oil, filter and lube:
123 @ $2170.  All performed by myself, no labor costs.
Tune-up:  6@ $3288.  1st tune-up included ignition wires from NAPA  that were guaranteed for life and replaced for free at following  tune-ups.  All tune-ups include replacing ignition wires, spark plugs (OEM AC Delco), serpentine and ac belts.  2 differential lube changes were included in tune-ups at  200,000 and 400,000 miles.  Other minor repairs, were included as was  labor.
Tires: 22 @ $3861 includes alignments.
Batteries: 3 @ $476
Front wheel bearings: 6 bearing assemblies @ $2520.   240,000, 432,000 and 632,000 miles.  
Alternators: 7 @ $1417.  The original 105 amp was replaced at  262,000 miles. That replacement lasted 1 week. Some alternators were  replaced free of charge.  Some only labor.  The last 3 alternators were  155 amps from NAPA with a lifetime warranty and replaced for free, excluding labor.
Radiator flush and Fill: 5 @ $498
Transmission fluid and filters:  2 @ $320
Air Filters: 8 @ $168
Brakes:  Front pads and rotors, $450 changed at 377,000 miles.  Still running original rear pads and rotors.
Shocks:  Front and rear shocks, front springs @ $715. 377,000 miles. Replaced all 4 shocks @ 556,755 mi.  Life time warranty.  $125 for labor which included mounting 2 new tires and rotation.
Deer collision:  replace pass. side headlight and turn signal light assembly and grill.  $950
Misc Repairs:
-replace sway bar and front brake caliper mount. $400.
-2nd replacement of front brake caliper mounts and turn rotors.  $280
-replace T.P. sensor. $132
-replace upper coolant hose. $248
-replace 3 windshields $300. (Panther windshield plan, pay 1st $100)
-replace A.C. tensioner and belt.  $201
-differential lube change 2 included in tune-up cost
-lights, wiper blades misc. parts.  $902
Front End:  Both upper ball joints, pitman arm, idler arm and alignment $916 @ 516,000 miles
Oil Cooler Gasket:  Replace oil cooler gasket, inlet pick-up O-ring and oil pan gasket.  $502 @ 544,00
U-Joints:  Replace all u-joints (3) and replace rear transmission  seal.Also replaced TPS (warranty) and cleaned throttle body.  $391 @  567,000

Total:  $21,230 or .03/mile.


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