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Life On The Road

Women of Expedited Trucking

"I plan to be in the expediting and trucking business for the duration of my life because at 52, I've finally found ...

Staffing Your Fleet

It is very important to ensure that everyone is on the same page with regards to compensation, carrier requirements, time off, pets, ...

What Is a Trip Home?

When you park the truck, someone is there waiting, a child, a lover, a mom or dad, sister or brother, or 26 phone messages and a bushel of mail. ... Full story

Gleaming With Pride: A Team Focus

I really do like this business because it provides us with a good income and gives us the opportunity to travel. It's also less stressful than the kind of work I was doing. ... Full story

Success Express: The Phillips Team

Expediting pays more than general freight, especially last year which was a phenomenal year for us. In 2005, we haven't run as much as last year, but we took a month off at the beginning of the year. ... Full story

Expediting; A Lifestyle Of Choice

We stand ready to work any time of the day or night, any day of the week, any time of the year, anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. There are exceptions. ... Full story

Better Half of Our Expedited Team

In expediting, team driving practices are as unique as the people themselves. With one team, the wife may drive at night and the husband during the day. With another, the husband does all the backing. ... Full story

Transition From Trucking to Expediting

"Even the driver with good business sense sometimes has a hard time understanding that expediting doesn't have the non-stop, back-to-back loads of conventional trucking." ... Full story

The Long Road To Success

"I believe the future of expediting is within the computer world with more contractors going online, using internet load matching and computer mileage programs." ... Full story

Fleet Owners & Drivers - Success Stories

"Trust and mutual respect are key components in dealing with our drivers. They have to believe that I am available when they need me and that their settlements will be on time and correct." ... Full story

Faith For The Highway

As we all know, the life of the professional driver can be a lonely existence. ... Full story

Highway Thoughts

The professional driver has a number of distractions at his disposal to help while away the hours spent running those long stretches of endless highway. ... Full story

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Phil Madsen

Phil Madsen

Phil Madsen is a full-time expediter and owner-operator who drives team with his wife Diane. They left their white-collar professions in 2003 to become expediters. They love it and aren't looking back.