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Life On The Road

Say Goodbye to the Joys of Shifting

Once scorned by truckers, automatic transmissions have steadily gained popularity... ...

Five Things You Need to Know in Winter

Winter.... cold, wet, snow, sleet, freezing fog, and even some nice days. We are always ready for the nice days but what ...

Involved in an accident? Make the best of a bad situation

Accidents happen, even to the most safety-conscious professional driver. When they do, keeping your head and knowing what steps to take can help you make the best of a difficult situation. ... Full story

911 Call Home

What do you do when you're a thousand miles from home and you learn of an emergency situation with your family back home? ... Full story

The Sound

There is a sound. You know it even if you are not a trucker. I don't know the words to exactly describe this sound, so let me use your memory to bring it into your ears. Imagine for a moment... ... Full story

Sleep Apnea: Got it? Get it treated.

Sleep apnea is, as you likely already know, a widespread affliction. According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 18 million Americans suffer from Sleep Apnea. Extrapolated, this is a significant portion of individuals in the shipping industry; it's been estimated that about 28% of truck drivers have some form of sleep apnea. ... Full story

Trucking USA

There are countless landmarks, museums and oddities all over the country that you probably haven’t seen but are definitely worth a closer look. Here are quick glances at a few of those. ... Full story

Sirius XM Radio Expands Road Dog Trucking Radio Channel

SIRIUS XM Radio announced today it is expanding its Road Dog Trucking Radio channel to feature legendary trucking hosts and unparalleled exclusive programming from both the SIRIUS and XM services. ... Full story

Expediter Team

Soon after driving their brand-new truck off the lot, expediters Bob and Linda Caffee found they were getting 6.7 miles per gallon. That's when they "got religion" about fuel economy. ... Full story

My Million Mile Chevy

During the summer of 1999, I was facing a career change. I was involved with a marketing business that produced a respectable income for the past several years, but that income stream began to evaporate. Here I am at age 52 trying to figure out how to get my financial legs back. ... Full story

NAFTA-SHAFTA, and other ghost stories

When we stand together as “Americans” we can bring about change... ... Full story

John Fitzgerald O'Mahoney

In Memory of<br/> John Fitzgerald O'Mahoney<br/> November 8, 1946 - March 10, 2008<br/> ... Full story

Stress Management

Stress is certainly a part of everyone’s life and work. But stress experts agree managing stress is not about controlling where stress comes from but in controlling our response to it. There may be little you can do to change dispatch’s mind or raise freight rates, but you can learn strategies to deal with the effects of such stressors. Stress management is a technique aimed at giving a person control over his emotions and his physical health. ... Full story

The Road to Health... Trans Fat

What are trans-fats, and why are they the new bad boys on the food pyramid? ... Full story

18-Wheel Expediters

From cargo vans to tractor-trailers, expedited trucking uses 'em all. Although the expedited industry is probably best typified by the 6-wheel straight trucks, there are a number of semi-truck owner-operators running the highways hauling fast freight. Let's meet Debra Patrick and her husband Dixie, two of those owner-ops. ... Full story

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