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Life On The Road

Meet 'The Crafty Trucker'

Heather Hutchens got into trucking after following her husband Jason into the industry. Jason had been working for a courier service while ...

Q&A: Stephen Halsted & Sandy Goche

Expedite Now had the change to speak with Stephen Halsted and Sandy Goche, owner operators leased to V3 Transportation in Brunswick, Ohio. ...

The Drive for Something More - Charles and Cindy Jordan

Working at a hotel in Indiana, Charles and Cindy Jordan each worked different shifts giving them little time together. Part of their duties was driving the shuttle van to bring guests to the hotel and then take them to various destinations in town. ... Full story

Steve James: Returning to the Road

Steve James started out as an over the road driver, but when his children started asking when he was going to be home, Steve left the road and got into the food truck business. When Steve’s children grew up, Steve looked once again to trucking. Starting out in expediting driving for a fleet owner, Steve quickly decided that this was the niche for him. ... Full story

Tis The Season: Winter Driving

Have you ever noticed on those windy, snowy winter days on the highway, when you're keeping your speed down and driving with extra caution, that's when a Billy Bigrigger will blow by your truck at the speed limit or over, leaving a rooster tail of the white stuff in his wake? ... Full story

When a Good Load Goes Bad

We all have them if one drives long enough: those loads booked, loaded and scheduled by those in the Murphy family or the Devil himself; everything that possibly could go wrong does. Expediting does not give one a pass on those types of loads; everyone from courier cars to semi trucks will find a hellish load at some point. ... Full story

Sights and Scenes on the Road

Expediters deliver time sensitive freight all across North America every single day of the year, but once that load is delivered many drivers take advantage of seeing the sites. We asked these drivers from the ExpeditersOnline.com Forum what sites and scenes they’ve seen recently. ... Full story

White Glove Equals Increased Revenue

When someone refers to 'white glove' in the trucking industry they are not talking about getting your truck ready for a truck show or yourself ready to go to a high society event; they are referring to freight that requires special handling. ... Full story

2 Can Tango Hauling Expedite Freight

One of the beauties of expediting is found in the just-in-time schedule nature of expedite freight. To keep up with schedules in expediting, excellent team drivers are not only sought by expedite companies, they are appreciated. ... Full story

Things Not Often Taught to New Drivers: Part Two

In part one of this series of tips, we looked at things like crossing scales, how to clean a windshield, truck stop guides and how to back in a building. Here we will explore some more tips to help you do your job easier and more comfortably. ... Full story

An Expediter's Christmas Story

You can exchange Christmas presents any time, but you can't replace being there in person for Christmas Eve service. It is not only a tradition for us, but it's also a huge part of our faith and life. It is not something that you can replace. For us, this was the ultimate sacrifice, and it hurt.<br/> Well, as you can probably guess, the guys didn't get a load back east in time for Christmas. Christmas Eve for them was spent at a Chinese restaurant, and for me at church, by myself. ... Full story

Things Not Often Taught to New Drivers: Part One

Congratulations, you have a commercial driver’s license and are about to start, or have started your adventurous career as a professional driver. ... Full story

Fifty Tips and Tricks for Expediters

Life on the road isn't easy even for the most seasoned driver. Here are some tips to help make the journey more bearable. ... Full story

You Might be an Expediter

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy is famous for his "you might be a redneck" routine. People in many career fields have followed his lead and developed occupational versions of the same shtick. So expediters won't feel left out ... ... Full story

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