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In Memoriam: Jeff Jensen

In EO's history, there have been several unfortunate times that we created a memoriam for a member of our trucking community. This ...

CSA 2010 Made Easy: You are a Sitting Duck

Most truck drivers have heard enough about CSA, SMS, BASICs, DataQs, PSS and other such topics to know that they are important. ...

Imagine a Future without Trucks

Every trucker knows that without trucks America stops. It’s not just a slogan. To those of us who drive the trucks and physically deliver the goods that keep America running, the notion of a future with no trucks is laughable, if not impossible to imagine. ... Full story

Big Safety Changes in 2010: A Primer -- part 4 of 4

As we've established, there are some pretty big changes on their way in June of this year. We've looked at changes specific to drivers, changes specific to carriers, and looked at a general overview of CSA 2010. What we haven't looked at as yet is what's most important: your reactions to the matter. There are a couple threads at the ExpeditersOnline.com forums that I've pulled these quotes from, and following those, I'll list some good resources to learn more about CSA 2010 and thoughts about the changes. <br/> ... Full story

Big vs. Little Carriers

The differences between large and small carriers are undeniable, and most drivers, as you might guess, have an opinion about these differences.<br/> ... Full story

Big Safety Changes in 2010: A Primer -- part 3 of 4

In the previous parts of this series, we focused on an overview of CSA 2010 and how it will affect drivers. Part 3 will cover the changes CSA is bringing to carriers and how they’ll be affected in June of this year when CSA 2010 goes into effect. ... Full story

Big Safety Changes in 2010: A Primer -- part 2 of 4

In the first installment of this series, we offered a somewhat broad overview of what CSA 2010 proposes to do in terms of changing the overall safety standards. In this installment, we’re going to look at what those changes mean for drivers. ... Full story

If You Want to Know the State of the Expedited Trucking Industry You Need to be at Expedite Expo 2010

If you’re in the trucking industry in any capacity, then it’s likely you’re aware that the end of July marks the 10th Anniversary of the Expedite Expo. For ten years now, owner operators, drivers, carriers and suppliers have been flocking to Ohio to get together... ... Full story

2010 Trucking Show Survey

ExpeditersOnline.com took a survey of our readers to see what truck shows they would be visiting in 2010. Participants were able to select multiple choices. ... Full story

Big Safety Changes in 2010: A Primer--Part 1 of 4

The chances are reasonably close to 100% that you've heard about the Comprehensive Safety Analysis (otherwise known as CSA 2010) and that it will be bringing some pretty drastic changes to the trucking industry in terms of on-the-road safety and how both drivers and carriers will be looked at for the foreseeable future. ... Full story

Bolt Express Launches New Website

The new website provides visitors an in-depth view of Bolt’s capabilities as well as how to contact their team to book a load. Some of the added features of the new site include shipment tracking capabilities, ability to check truck availability by city or zip code and FIRST web seminar information. ... Full story

New Insurance Rates Help Save Money!

In these tight economic times, that’s at the top of just about everyone’s list – especially when you’re your own boss. Bolt Express understands that – and is proud to pass along a significant cost savings to its contractors. ... Full story

Those Still Standing

As expediters struggle through the worst recession in our lifetimes, winning ain't what it used to be, but winners can still be found. Who are the winners in today's business climate? We suggest they are the expediters who are keeping their heads above water and intend to fight on until conditions improve. ... Full story

New Segment on

A new weekly segment featuring two editors from American Trucker magazine will debut on The Lockridge Report on SIRIUS’ Road Dog Trucking Radio. ... Full story

Bolt Express Welcomes New Executive Team Members

With the recent expansion of their Enterprise of Transportation Services, to include Expedite, Truckload, Logistics and Mexico, Bolt Express knew the key to their continued success required a team with vast experience and strong leadership skills. ... Full story

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