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7 BIG Changes in Expedite Trucking Since the 90's

The expedited trucking sector got its start in the early 1980’s, not long after deregulation. And it began to flourish in the ...

Q & A with Team Dodson of Summit Express

Team Dodson Talks Life on the Road ...

Q & A with Load One Transportation & Logistics

For many years, Load One Transportation & Logistics has been an industry leader in the use of technology and advancement in American Trucking. As they continue to spur industrial improvements, we speak to Brian Welsh about present and future developments in the ever-changing world of Expedite Trucking ... Full story

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Knowing When to Find Another Carrier

Today, the market landscape has changed, with numerous carriers vying for a bigger slice of the expedited trucking pie. And while the increase in competition has driven down pay rates over the years, it has also created more options for owner-operators and fleet owners, who may not be happy with their current carrier. ... Full story

Owner of M&S Feidt Transportation Teams with Fyda

Mitch Feidt is a true American. Born in Washington, PA and currently residing outside of Harrisburg, PA, Feidt has lived all over the country. He has met people all across our nation and done business with more people that he can count. But Pennsylvania will always be home. ... Full story

Long-time Large Fleet Owner Korey Walper Relies On Partnership With Fyda Freightliner

What makes a man’s insight meaningful? What makes a man’s insight hold weight? What makes a man’s insight so respectable that you have to stop and consider adopting the same habits yourself? Experience and success. When a man has been honing a craft successfully for many years, it deserves a closer look. ... Full story

Expedite Expo 2016 Recap: Expanding Your Knowledge - and Network - to Win in Today’s Freight Market

When the trumpet player sounded the traditional Kentucky Derby call at 9:00 a.m. on July 15, at the Lexington Center in Lexington, Ky., the 16th annual Expedite Expo was off and running - a “race” packed with education, networking, and entertainment. And it finished strong the next day with a driver appreciation BBQ at 4:00 p.m. ... Full story

Q&A: Sprinter of Fort Michell

Hailed as the king of service and one of the best Sprinter dealers in the entire United States, we speak with Dan Tilley to discover what's the secret to success at Sprinter of Ft. Mitchell. ... Full story

Stoops Specialty Trucks to release new 'SST Lite' Climate Control Straight Truck at the Expedite Expo in Lexington, Kentucky this week.

To all of our SST Customers: Thank you for your overwhelming support of our Freightliner Custom Cascadia program. With superior fuel economy, reduced maintenance costs, and the higher resale values we have proven that our trucks are the best value in the industry. In response to the demand for increased payloads on a 33,000 GVWR Climate Control Straight Truck we have developed the New SST Lite. ... Full story

Expedite Expo 2016 Equips Truckers to Succeed for the Long Haul

Where can drivers, owner-operators, and fleet owners get the education, resources, and industry contacts they need to build a successful career in trucking? ... Full story

Q&A: Trucks by Design

Expedite Now had the opportunity to sit down with Bill Champe, the man behind Trucks by Design. ... Full story

Keep Your Eyes on the Road: Eliminate Driver Distraction

The temptation is strong. You’ve been driving for hours and want some sort of diversion to break up the monotony. I’ll just check something real quick on Facebook. No big deal, right? I can do this. But then a brief glance turns into an extended thumb scroll. A text pops up on the screen, and you feel a compulsion to respond. You know better but just can’t seem to help it... ... Full story

Five-Point Checklist for Aspiring Expediters

You're considering becoming an expediter to be your own boss, set your own schedule, see the country. Or, perhaps, you even dream of owning your own fleet of trucks in the future. Whatever your ambitions, the expedite business is just that -- a business -- and that involves both risks and rewards. ... Full story

Expedite Expo 2016: Come Early, Stay Late!

The Expedite Expo is a great reason to visit downtown Lexington, Ky., this July, but there are plenty of other things to see and do in Lexington as well. ... Full story

7 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Van for Expediting

If you're considering becoming an expeditor but not ready to take the plunge and invest $200,000 for a new straight truck, consider a lower risk option: an expedite van. You can get into a fully equipped van for under $70,000. And if it's rated under 10,001 gross vehicle weight, you can avoid many of the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, such as hours of service requirements, which add a lot of complexity and cost to your business. ... Full story

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