Ken Slaughter

Carbon Monoxide Can Kill You

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a toxic but colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. And because it is initially non-irritating, it is difficult for ...

Can You Haul HAZMAT Without an Endorsement?

HAZMAT is one of the most confusing subjects among expedite drivers. But it doesn't need to be. ...

Keeping Warm Out There

One of the biggest challenges for many expediters is how to keep warm in the winter. ... Full story

Where is Your Money Going?

The Rule of Thirds lets you know. ... Full story

How to Kill Your Batteries

Batteries don't die, their owners kill them. ... Full story

Creature Comforts

Being comfortable in your truck is the key to wanting to stay out on the road. ... Full story

A little About Me

I Was Hooked... ... Full story

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Ken Slaughter Ken Slaughter is an owner-operator expediter with a Sprinter cargo van. Like many expediters, he has a varied background. His previous vocations and avocations include music, the culinary arts, restaurant management, photography, information technology and computers, dry cleaning, and carpentry. He also delivered daily morning newspapers on his bike as a kid.

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