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The Insurance Zone: THE TRUMP BUMP Means Big Bucks for Truckers

Who can really trust a poll for exact numbers anymore, but suffice to say that most of us in trucking tend to ...

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The Insurance Zone - Why I'm a Multi

Last month’s article and blog generated feedback from Multis who are 'doing it right.' I agree emphatically that the Multi model CAN be done correctly but has been bruised by some bad apples. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone: Why do under 10K GVW units carry $1 Million Liability?

Arguments are certainly made that since FMCSA only requires Cargo Vans and Sprinters hauling across state lines to carry $300K in Liability, why carry $1 Million? ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Inside or Outside Claims Adjusters

Talk about a bad day. You’ve had a long run and some idiot just cut you off and in order to avoid hitting another car you’ve run off the road and into a bridge. (Could have been worse, you could be over the bridge and in the river below.) ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - General Liability vs Auto Liability

For a full commentary surrounding the current confusion on this subject please go to: ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Why Are Insurance Rates So Different For Tom And Jerry?

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An insurance provider has declined coverage for a claim by a 'Day-Trader' Owner Operator. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Transportation Risk Specialists and YOU

Whether you’re a Motor Carrier or Owner Op, expect a professional TRS Insurance Agent to know what coverage you are required to carry by all of the major Expedite entities. ... Full story

The Insurance Zone - Why High-End Units Should Have Their Own Occ Acc and Phys Dam Policies

Independent Contractor Owner Operators are in greater demand than ever before, and the professionals in our Expediting Community have more insurance flexibility than ever before. ... Full story