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Part II, The Belief, Art, And Science Of Accepting A Load

Part II describes the science of load refusal. When it come to mathmatics there are bascially three types of poeople; those that ...

Speedco And The Burning Bush

When something special happens in the ordinary, it's time to share a Travel Log ...

The Belief, Art and Science of Accepting A Load

As a hotshot driver, the most critical business decision you will make today is whether to accept the load you are being offered. All successful expediters have a decion making process for load acceptance. In the first installment, of this blog, we'll share our approach in Belief and Art of load refusal. ... Full story

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Gary Shade Gary Shade Prior to becoming an expediter, Gary worked in the financial services industry. During that tenure, he worked as a stockbroker for a major Wall Street firm. Gary was always in awe of the big rigs. Between jobs, Gary took a sabbatical and obtained his CDL and drove OTR. He still thinks it's one of the best career choices he's made.