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Part ll....Carriers Behaving Stupidly…… Driver Loyalty and Productivity Issues

A smart carrier manager: “When you’re are not making money we are not making money” Eric Stoner , Government Section, Panther Exediting ...

Carriers Behaving Stupidly... Driver Loyalty and Productivity Issues

A smart carrier manager: 'When you’re not making money we are not making money.' Eric Stoner - Government ...

Oliver And The Sergeant

The meek among us shall subdue the mighty ... Full story

Driver Security…..Do ya feel lucky punk?

The following link takes you to a non-classified 'Active Shooter Defense' site: ... Full story

An Amish Winter

What we love most about driving a straight truck is the unexpected delights we discover in driving our country's back roads, even in the snow. ... Full story

Ice Road Truckers....Well Almost

Travel Log: When in extreme weather, we very much experience our cab/sleeper as if it where a space capsul. Without this mechanical bubble, sheltering us from the Arctic conditions, our life could literally only last minutes. ... Full story

Part II, The Belief, Art, And Science Of Accepting A Load

Part II describes the science of load refusal. When it come to mathmatics there are bascially three types of poeople; those that can do math and those that can't. ... Full story

Speedco And The Burning Bush

When something special happens in the ordinary, it's time to share a Travel Log ... Full story

The Belief, Art and Science of Accepting A Load

As a hotshot driver, the most critical business decision you will make today is whether to accept the load you are being offered. All successful expediters have a decion making process for load acceptance. In the first installment, of this blog, we'll share our approach in Belief and Art of load refusal. ... Full story

"We Are Seeking Shelter"

As newbies to tornado, this fall we had our first funnel experience, well almost ... Full story

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Gary Shade Gary Shade Prior to becoming an expediter, Gary worked in the financial services industry. During that tenure, he worked as a stockbroker for a major Wall Street firm. Gary was always in awe of the big rigs. Between jobs, Gary took a sabbatical and obtained his CDL and drove OTR. He still thinks it's one of the best career choices he's made.