Bob Caffee

Oil: The Life Blood of your Rig

Oil and grease can be one of the Owner Operators biggest headaches. There are many brands and they all say they are ...

Incandescent or LED?

The incandescent lamp is still the most common light source for all lighting on a vehicle. Thinking back, I believe I spent ...

APU heating and cooling the cab

We spend a lot of time out here on the road, not always driving. When we are stopped waiting for that next great run we need to be comfortable... ... Full story

Five Things You Need to Know in Winter

Winter.... cold, wet, snow, sleet, freezing fog, and even some nice days. We are always ready for the nice days but what about the others? ... Full story

Our truck speaks volumes about our business…

What does our truck say about our business? When a customer watches us pull on to their property, do they unconsciously get a mental picture of how their freight will be handled? ... Full story

Tire Maintenance

Tire maintenance? What's that? Just a walk by and, yup they are still black, or are they still there? Or maybe take that mini bat and give them a good whack? That is how some drivers do it, but for a truck owner, tires are a very important part of keeping your truck in service and a large expense. ... Full story

Truck Tires - Are You Confused Yet?

How do you read a tire sidewall and what does it mean? Of course all manufacturers are going to put their name on it, and they will also put the model, be it numbers or letters. ... Full story

Lights Out! Nine Wiring Hazards and How to Avoid Them

You don’t have to behind the wheel to long to realize that truck wiring is one of the most critical items on your “must maintain list”. When working on any electrical problem, I start with the affected circuit. Let’s say you have a marker lamp out; all the rest of them work... ... Full story

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