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The People Who Say Money Can't Buy Happiness Are Wrong

The people who say money can't buy happiness are wrong. On cross-country runs, Diane and I always feel better when driving for a ...

Fifty Tips and Tricks for Expediters

Life on the road isn't easy even for the most seasoned driver. Here are some tips to help make the journey more ...

Express-1 Set to Grow Big

Expedite NOW has been talking with Express-1 owner-operators since Jacobs came on the scene. From their vantage point on the road, drivers have seen... ... Full story

Truck Tires Grow Scarce While Prices Soar... What You Can Do

Exasperated by his inability to find new tires for his truck, owner-operator Joe Marra reached out to the community in September. ... Full story

The Sound

There is a sound. You know it even if you are not a trucker. I don't know the words to exactly describe this sound, so let me use your memory to bring it into your ears. Imagine for a moment... ... Full story

CSA 2010 Made Easy: You are a Sitting Duck

Most truck drivers have heard enough about CSA, SMS, BASICs, DataQs, PSS and other such topics to know that they are important. But to grasp it all, you would need to read hundreds of pages of mind-numbing government documents... ... Full story

Imagine a Future without Trucks

Every trucker knows that without trucks America stops. It’s not just a slogan. To those of us who drive the trucks and physically deliver the goods that keep America running, the notion of a future with no trucks is laughable, if not impossible to imagine. ... Full story

Expediters Look Ahead to 2011

If 2010 economic conditions continue into 2011, expediters can expect another great year. But if economic growth and freight volumes pick up even a little... ... Full story

Expedited Freight Volumes Suddenly Rise

While economic optimists proclaim the recession is over and pessimists warn of more trouble ahead, expedited freight executives are sounding more cheery than they have in a long time... cautious optimism is their common theme. ... Full story

Business Planning for Expediters Part 17

By reading your business plan up to this point, people will know you are in the expediting business. In the business type section, you spell out exactly the type of expediting business you are running, and you present it in the best possible light. ... Full story

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Phil Madsen Phil Madsen Phil Madsen is a full-time expediter and owner-operator who drives team with his wife Diane. They left their white-collar professions in 2003 to become expediters. They love it and aren't looking back.